Arnold Cohen photo

Arnold Cohen

Senior Policy Coordinator

Arnold Cohen is responsible for coordinating the Network’s public policy advocacy and outreach activities. Prior to joining the Network in 1994, Arnold began his career in Newark, NJ as a grassroots advocate organizing statewide public policy campaigns in the areas of affordable housing, early childhood education, health care, and environmental justice. In addition to his work at the Network, Arnold sits on the boards of the Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness, the Anti-Poverty Network and the Essex Community Land Trust. He represents the Network on their partnership with the Regional Plan Association’s 4th Regional Plan. In his role as the Senior Policy Coordinator at the Network, Arnold has been instrumental in leading campaigns that have led to the passage of the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit, State Rental Assistance Program and the Abandoned Properties Act. Through Arnold’s efforts, the Network has been a leader in advocacy for creating homes lower income people can afford, revitalizing the communities where they live and strengthening the work of nonprofits in these areas.