William J. Kelleher photo

William J. Kelleher

State Training Officer
New Jersey State Police, Emergency Management Section, Preparedness Bureau

The mission of this Homeland Security Branch is to provide a continuing preventive level of homeland security and public safety through the coordination of statewide resources, in concert with our law enforcement, intelligence, corporate, and emergency response partners. The Emergency Management Section has responsibilities that include planning, directing and coordinating emergency operations within the State which are beyond local control. The Preparedness Bureau responsibilities include development of hazard-specific plans with an all-hazard approach, the management of the State Emergency Operations Center and providing public outreach and education. Responsibilities of the Training and Exercise Unit includes developing and conducting emergency management training for individuals in state, local government and the private sector having responsibilities related to emergency management. All training provided is consistent with training initiatives on the federal level. Mr. Kelleher has served within these capacities at the State Police for over 14 years.